How to install bigbluebutton server on vmware

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Need :

  1. VMWare Player (or VMWare Workstation) for Windows or Unix, or VM Fusion for Mac
  2. A DHCP Server for the VM to acquire an IP address on boot
The second point is key: the VM must be able to connect to the internet to update from packages. If it does not acquire an IP address, it won't be able to finish the setup of BigBlueButton.

Note: This video refers to 0.64, but the steps are valid for 0.71a.

Installing BigBlueButton VM

  1. Download and uncompress the the VM.
Download from SourceForge: Download
2. Open the enclosed folder.

3. Double-click on the bigbluebutton-vm.vmx icon.
This will start VMWare Player (or VMWare Workstation) and boot the VM. Note: In VMWare, make sure the networking is set to Bridged, not NAT.
The BigBlueButton VM takes about 10 minutes to first initialize. Sit back, relax, go watch some youtube videos. During this time, the BigBlueButton VM goes through its initial startup script that
  • Sets up the networking (acquire an IP address from a DHCP server)
  • Installs the BigBlueButton packages
  • Configures BigBlueButton to use the VM's current IP address
  • Installs OpenSSH
When it's done, you'll see a a login message. NOTE: The VM has been pre-configured to have the following user-id/password:
user-id: firstuser
password: default
To secure your server, immediately login with the above user-id/password. This password is set to expire, so you'll be asked to enter the password default again, then to provide a new password (entering it twice to confirm). Again, do this now as it will secure your server.
After resetting the default password, you'll get the following welcome message (this appears each time you login as firstuser).

Note: Due to an upgrade to OpenOffice 3.2, you'll need to restart the VM after this first boot sequence to have OpenOffice properly running for document conversation. The next time the VM starts everything will be working properly.

Installing the BigBlueButton VM using VirtualBox

See Running BigBlueButton VM in Virtual Box.

Running the BigBlueButton VM

At this point, you've got a full BigBlueButton server up and running. Open a web browser to the URL provided using the IP address of the VM.
Enter whatever name you like and then click Join. You'll join the default meeting.

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